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Kristína graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University in Bratislava, which she followed up with a master's degree at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of the Charles University in Prague. After successfully completing her studies, she worked in several outpatient facilities and inpatient rehabilitation departments. She gained her experience not only through practice, but also by completing countless professional courses or physiotherapy practice abroad.


She prefers an active approach in his work with clients. She is dedicated to intensive manual therapy, disorders of the pelvic floor and the functionality of female sterility (problems with pregnancy, abdominal diastasis, coccyx syndrome), but also dynamic concepts focused on the physiological function of the body.


She is interested in the prevention, as well as the regeneration of the already damaged "body shell", additionally the prevention of modern civilization diseases, such as a sedentary lifestyle. She also deals with the movement skills of children's clients. She has a lot of experience in professional sports, which is why he likes to work with athletes.


Kristina also likes to practice manual lymphatic drainage - this is a gentle method affecting the lymphatic system, which is suitable, for example, for faster regeneration (in post-injury and post-operative conditions), for getting rid of toxins or for overall body shaping.

With her professional approach and conscientious care, she motivates clients to take an active approach to the treatment of their difficulties associated with the correct function of the musculoskeletal system, where she puts the client's work with his own body on the top spot.

Language skills:

Previous experience:

English language – Upper intermediate

German language – Upper intermediate

  • Cyril and Methodius Hospital (Bratislava)

  • Massage and Rehabilitation (Prague 6)

  • Physiotherapist of Slavia Praha handball players

  • Medicentrum Chodov, Institute of Sports Medicine (Prague 7)

  • Clinic Barrandov, orthopedic - trauma physiotherapy outpatient clinic

  • Medical House (Prague 7)

  • VO2max (Prague 8)

  • Rehabilitation clinic Malvazinky

  • TITTL PHYSIOTHERAPY - Rehabilitation of children and adults (Switzerland)

  • PHYSIOTHERAPIE Groenendijk GmbH – outpatient rehabilitation (Switzerland)

  • PUREFYZIO – private practice (Prague 4)

Other awards, certificates or important articles / books / achievements / professional courses:

  • SM - system (I., II. part); Acupressure in the whole body acupuncture system

  • Health swimming instructor

  • Kinesio taping

  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Prof. Kolář

  • PNF – proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

  • Sensorimotor stimulation and stabilization of the motor system

  • Application of the Roswitha Brunkow method

  • Flowin Basic therapy

  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy of patients after brain damage

  • Rehabilitation of spastic paresis - part A

  • Physiotherapy in practice – Yoga positions in the practice of a physiotherapist

  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Prof. Kolář (Course B)

  • Rehabilitation of spastic paresis - part B

  • Diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the locomotor system

  • Rehabilitation treatment of some types of female sterility using the method of L. Mojžíšová

  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Prof. Kolář (Course C)

  • Manual lymphatic drainage

  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Prof. Koláře (Course D) - certified DNS therapist

  • Basics of Foot Reflexology Part 1 & 2 (RTN I) - Hanne

  • Marquardt – Fussreflex

  • Reflex and zone therapy on the leg - Teaching module I. - musculoskeletal system and statics - Hanne -Marquardt – Fussreflex

Internship abroad


Working with prostheses

  • BiOM Ankle Ottobock Training Course

  • Catapult Running Foot by Freedom Innovations

  • Cheetah Xplore Running Foot by Ossur


Menclova 2538/2, 180 00

Praha 8 – Libeň

Monday - Thursday

7:00 - 19:00


7:00 - 17:00

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