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Veronika graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Charles University with a bachelor's degree and then a master's degree in Physiotherapy.

After successfully completing her studies, she began to devote herself to physiotherapy in a private practice, where she interacts with clients with various diagnoses every day.

Veronika tailors her care to the individual needs of each client. With her empathetic approach combined with professional knowledge and experience, she provides clients with the best possible conditions for the recovery and correction of their musculoskeletal system.

In her practice, she focuses, among other things, on counteract muscle imbalances, correct body posture, and also focuses on clients with tinnitus and vertigo.

Veronica works most often with the McKenzie method, manual techniques and the very motivation of the client towards a more active way of life and thereby also advancing his functional and strength abilities.

Language skills:

Angličtina – Pre - Intermediate

Professional courses:

  • 2007 Basic principles of the R. Brunkow method

  • 2007 Movement and stability course (Hermachová)

  • 2007 Voice and breath in Physiotherapy

  • 2009 Certified course method R. Brunkow

  • 2011 Reflex therapy based on developmental kinesiology for selected diagnoses

  • (Part A, B, C, D)

  • 2011 McKenzie Course (A)

  • 2012 Cupping

  • 2013 Comprehensive hand rehabilitation

  • 2014 Mckenzie Course (B)

  • 2015 Propriofoot concept

  • 2015 McKenzie Course (C)

  • 2017 Vertigo, disorders of the vestibular apparatus

  • 2020 Mindfulness Course

  • 2021 Seekenig balance (tinnitus, vertigo course) J. Remeniy, AUS

  • 2022 McKenzie Course(D)


Menclova 2538/2, 180 00

Praha 8 – Libeň

Monday - Thursday

7:00 - 19:00


7:00 - 17:00

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